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The World Conservation Congress was held recently in Hawai’i and I had the opportunity to participate, it was amazing. The theme was ‘Planet at the Crossroads’ and there were over 10,000 people all committing to saving the planet with real solutions while tackling HUGE environmental challenges.  It was inspiring and overwhelming because real work takes commitment, time and perseverance and needs us all to step up to affect change. One thing that stood… Read More

The goal with this project was to convey the importance of ocean conservation. Through interviews, sound effects and narration I was able to tell a story about its importance and raise awareness on how everyone can contribute to this effort. For this final edit, I incorporated quite a few of my peers suggestions. This final mix is now down to three minutes where the rough draft was over six minutes in length. I edited… Read More

Here is the SoundCloud link to my interview mix down on Ocean conservation. Please let me know if can not hear file in its entirety, it is six minutes.

The ocean is the lifeblood of our community, culture and connection to the world. Through ocean currents we are all connected. What we produce, consume and discard collects onto pristine beaches throughout the world. Especially in Hawaii, as currents bring garbage from the East and West. This is just the beginning…check back for more updates from HawaiiGirl808. Mahalo!