Multimedia Production

Communicators inform their messages with aesthetic design and social interactivity. One of the main goals here is to employ technical skills with a type of design meant to raise awareness through visual communication.

Shown here are samples of Adobe Suite products; Illustrator and Premiere.  The Plastic Free Hawaii logo represents visually connecting the ocean and Hawaii with anti-plastic messaging.  The Hawaii Girl logo was created to develop a brand identity for this portfolio.

Interviews were conducted about why the ocean is important and the need for marine preservation. The audio created the narrative of the corresponding video.  This short video PSA  was complied of footage from the Seattle Aquarium and still images, then edited and mixed utilizing Adobe Premiere.


Original logo: Adobe Illustrator


Updated logo- Focus group approved


Marine debris

Two minute video about importance of the ocean: Adobe Premiere-Vimeo                                            Premiere: The Ocean video









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