Com 561- Ocean interview final mix

The goal with this project was to convey the importance of ocean conservation. Through interviews, sound effects and narration I was able to tell a story about its importance and raise awareness on how everyone can contribute to this effort. For this final edit, I incorporated quite a few of my peers suggestions. This final mix is now down to three minutes where the rough draft was over six minutes in length. I edited each track individually, took out unnecessary words and worked diligently to keep each element in tack. The interviews contained valuable information I felt was important to the message of the story so in order to confine this project to the three minute requirement, I trimmed my narration down which was suggested to increase. Further I increased the decibel levels of the interviews to match the sound level of the narration so that it sounded more like a conversation. Unfortunately, I was unable to remove all of the pops and clicks within the interviews themselves. The original interviews were recorded using my cell phone and a handheld digital recorder.   For future interviews I will utilize another source but in the end I do like the difference in sound quality. It makes the interviews stand out and from the narration and gives the feel of a ‘recording in the field’ effect. I also placed 1-2 second pauses between segments to create a natural breath between tracks. It was intentional to not add any further sound effects as well. I considered adding the sound of a conch shell in between interviews but decided to just keep a natural pause there instead. I thought an added sound effect might be distracting  Also the ocean intro and outro were borrowed from Creative Commons.

This project was really fun and I thank my interviewees and all the people that listened to this story and added their critique and feedback. It was/is very appreciated.



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