Mahalo nui loa

First, I would like to thank Robby Astrove and Jill Komoto for their time and enthusiasm for this audio project. It was so inspirational to speak with two very active environmentalists, each with their own focus and passion but also connected by their shared love of the planet. Each one of their interviews lasted over an hour so choosing a small segment to showcase for this project was very difficult. The common theme that arose was their united call for all of us to do our part to better the environment. We can achieve this through awareness and community involvement; beach clean up efforts, looking down when you swim so that you don’t stand on the reef systems, to minimizing your impact on natural resources. We are all responsible for taking care of the earth and in particular the precious resource; life-giving ocean.

To create this audio file I used Adobe Audition. There are six separate tracks, which are faded in and out of each other. I tried to create cohesiveness but using the same opening and closing audio along with some voice tracking. The ocean bed sounds were borrowed from Creative Commons and then I brought the db levels down and faded the intro and outro. The ocean is meant to create a ‘bookend’ effect and transition from one story to the next. If it is not clear, the design of this story is meant to convey urgency towards conservationism. In particular, ocean conservation and its importance to every living being on this planet. One of things I would like to work one for the final story is maybe more ambient background and a little smoother transitions between the interviews themselves. I feel that the delivery of the story still needs a bit of pop. Not quite sure how to represent this other than tone and ambience. Other suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

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