IUCN & The Hawaii Commitments

iucn_2016_logo_h_en_colour_high_resThe World Conservation Congress was held recently in Hawai’i and I had the opportunity to participate, it was amazing. The theme was ‘Planet at the Crossroads’ and there were over 10,000 people all committing to saving the planet with real solutions while tackling HUGE environmental challenges.  It was inspiring and overwhelming because real work takes commitment, time and perseverance and needs us all to step up to affect change.

One thing that stood out for me was the concept of viewing our planet as an Island Earth. Since the IUCN was held in Hawai’i (first time ever in the Unites States) there was a big push to incorporate indigenous culture ideology into the Congress. Out of this came The Hawai’i Commitments and this model promotes a culture of conservation into a global movement by addressing challenges and proposing solutions through community engagement. We are all a part of this Island Earth and we are a Planet at the Crossroads, so learn more and do something positive for your world today!

Read more about The Hawaii Commitments here: the-hawaii-commitments

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