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The concept for these logos is to visually connect the ocean and Hawaii with an anti-plastic messaging. My skills with Adobe Illustrator are limited but I used quite of bit of the techniques learned from our tutorials. The islands were drawn free hand with the pen tool and the Big Island was created using a modified star tool. I drew each one individually and then laid them out vertically to recall the island chain. I also rounded the edges and used a watercolor overlay to scratch the surface to create depth. The inner and outer ellipses’ are meant to represent the ocean and the sun and its importance for Hawaii’s natural environment. The blue outer stroke is a uniform brush definition at 2-point stroke to represent the rhythm of waves and the continuance of water. The Plastic Free Hawaii text is arched 90 degrees and the 808 centered below is 90 degrees on the horizontal plane.

I was inspired to create this ocean conservation logo by observing Project Ocean, NOAA and Planet Whale’s imaging. All of these organizations utilize a round logo with marine elements. The visual appeal was striking and it is easy to print but I wanted to create it more specifically for Hawaii. The A logo is the created first. The B logo was created with an added outer glow to convey the look and feel of plastic covering the ocean. I put both logos up for your review as I not sure if the outer glow is needed or is distracting to the overall image. The ghostly plastic color as an overlay is intended to overtake the natural beauty of the sun, earth and water.   Please leave your comments below.

Overall, both designs are meant to tie the visual and intellectual unity of the logo together. Each of the elements would work independently but organized within the constraints of the ellipse the logo is stronger and projects the intended message.

6 Comments on “Com 561- Logos

  1. Hi Hawaiigirl808,
    Your logo draft is very striking and shows that you have a strong love for your state. It is easy to tell at first look of your logo that you are passionate about keeping your state clean. I think that one of the strongest elements in your logo is the image of Hawaii islands. The proximity between the islands shows there connection and gives your viewer an immediate understand of what land you are trying to protect.
    I would recommend trying to add some kind of line or texture that creates some continuity in your logo. you could trying connecting them with the inner circle or the text.
    Another recommendation I would make is to try playing around with the colors in your image. You may want to make the color of the circle that encompasses the islands be blue like water to give your viewers the perception that the islands are healthier and cleaner with no plastic.
    – Ashley from


  2. Hi Alena,

    I really like how you took the time and care to create a realistic representation of each Hawaiian island. To me, it makes the logo more impactful because it is depicting something real that everyone can relate to. I also very much like the frosted plastic layer over part of the image to represent an environment covered in plastic. It adds interest and depth, and the title/text adds the plastic context that is needed to realize that it is meant to be a plastic layer.

    Something to consider: Would it make more sense to put the blue ocean ellipse in the middle with the islands on top of it instead of the sun/yellow ellipse? This makes it clearer that the green shapes are indeed islands and it can also be interpreted that the sun is setting over the horizon of the ocean.

    You may want to take a look at the blue outline around the image. It isn’t consistent all the way around; it seems that the “Hawaii” text isn’t wrapped tightly enough around the central ellipse.

    Would you be using “hawaiigirl 808” in any of your accompanying materials with this logo (theoretically)? If not, the meaning of “808” at the bottom of the logo may be unclear to viewers.

    Hope these thoughts help you with your final logo,



    • Thanks Candace that is good feedback. The 808 text is Hawaii’s area code. It is used quite a bit publicly at least in the Islands but may not translate globally. Something to consider. 🙂


  3. Hi there,

    I like your circle within a circle, or earth encircled, and the Hawaiian islands you created, which suggests the Hawaii within the world as an echo of circle-within-circle. The arc is pleasing and creates a movement that my eye wants to complete, of rotation. You clearly suggest planet earth in your rendering. (Which is not so easy!) I like the style of text you chose, it suggests a casualness that I associate with the relaxed living of Hawaii.

    As far as suggesting plastic, maybe you can somehow create a wrinkled plastic bag? Honestly, I am not getting plastic, in either logo. Plastic is difficult to suggest, but I believe most people know that the plastic problem is plastic bags, and for wildlife, the plastic can holders that catch and trap sea life. Maybe you can bunch the plastic up one part of the planet, sort of complete your line, as an interfering object? If you go outside your globe, that can be disturbing, and suggest the violation inherent in the plastic problem.

    Also, I don’t know the significance of 808. Should I? If you did not have that, you could use the real estate of your perimeter, and, for example, have “plastic-free” at the bottom or top, of your circle periphery, and then “Hawaii” respectively, in whichever place, bottom or top, you felt was more effective and clear. Nice work. 🙂


  4. Hi Alena,
    Good work on your logo. This is definitely a good start. I am very much like you in that my skills with Illustrator are very limited. That makes it difficult to produce the highest quality logo. However, I think that you did a good job.
    I like the symmetry of the circle inside of the larger circle. I also like the fade that happens on the outer dark blue circle.
    Initially when I looked at the bottom logo I thought it was a tennis ball. After looking at it further, I did not think that but that was my initial thought. I am not sure if the white line that is under the top words is necessary. I think it takes away from the continuity of the overall logo.
    I would also make the 808 on the bottom a different color. It is kind of difficult to read because the green blends into the blue.
    I think that this logo is a really good place to start and could be great with a little tweaking.
    Really great work!


  5. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful suggestions. I like the idea of the second logo with the plastic ‘melting’ over the island chain and generally over the whole earth but that is hard to convey. I am leaning towards the first logo without the overlay more for the simplicity of its design. Also I will play around with your color suggestions and see what manifests for the final logo. Mahalo! (thanks in Hawaiian)


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