Ocean PSA- Final

The Ocean, the heartbeat of our planet!

Creating this video was an amazing experience both technically and academically. Through research, visiting the Seattle Aquarium and interviews with ecologists, I learned so much about the ocean and my hope was to share some of that knowledge through this video project. The goal was to portray a sense of reverence, awareness and call to action for the ocean environment. The tone of the video is a bit muted, as is my vocal delivery. It was meant to match the drone of the conch shell with the seriousness of the subject matter. I wanted the images to be the bright spot with color and light. Cute colorful fishes swimming in pristine water. Most of the images were enhanced to appear brighter and the transitions (cross dissolves) between images blend them together, to convey a stream of consciousness approach.  There are over twenty-five different assets within this two-minute video. Technically, this was a lot of information to manage and may have been better to scale back a bit. Using Adobe Premiere for the first time, my skills did not quite match my ambitions for this project. Every time I would edit this video, I would change transitions, features or add something new and there are still a few hiccups. One of the biggest challenges for me was figuring out how to get rid of the black frame around the video. I utilized the motion tool, under the effects controls and that helped a little but I really wanted the images to fill the entire frame. My guess is that the aspect ratio was set when I uploaded videos, from my camera phone, directly into the project. This is something I will need to be aware of when creating future work. To work with the class timeline, I did the best I could to relay a story about ocean conservation. I will continue to revise this video as I learn more about how to use Premiere effectively. Overall, Adobe Premiere is a really great program for creating content and this was an enjoyable learning opportunity as well.


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